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The Cartersville Schools Foundation’s GateKey Scholarship program establishes scholarships for eligible students and gives them the opportunity to work toward an attainable goal of a college education.

Students may be nominated for a GateKey Scholarship in grades 9 through 12.  Applicants must qualify for free/reduced lunch or and be able to provide proof of income.  If selected, students will be required to sign a contract along with their parents/guardian.  The contracted obligation requires the GateKey Scholar to maintain at least a “C” average in each class, study and complete assignments, require no disciplinary action, and remain crime and drug free.  GateKey Scholars may be assigned a mentor and will be expected to attend all scheduled mentoring sessions and GateKey activities. 

A GateKey advisory committee monitors the success of the program and serves as the appeals committee for scholars in jeopardy of losing their scholarship.  This committee is comprised on GateKey coordinators, the Cartersville Schools Foundation President, a representative of the Cartersville Schools Foundation Board of Directors, and a representative from the GateKey donors. 

High school scholars receive coaching/mentoring to assure that they are able to attend the college of their choice after graduation.  During their senior year, scholars receive assistance in the college process (FAFSA, college applications, scholarship applications, etc.).  We continue to work with the scholars throughout their college enrollment, assisting with any issues that may arise.  

GateKey Questions and Answers

Who is eligible for the program?

Any student in grades 9 - 12 who is eligible for the free/reduced lunch program, have not received any grades below a C, have had no discipline issues, and attend school regularly.


How do students apply?

Applications are available in the high school counseling office from September through November each year. 


Who will select the recipients?

A selection committee comprised of school employees, Cartersville Schools Foundation Board members, and community members.


When will students be selected?

Selections will be made in January each year.

Can students not selected re-apply?



Who is responsible for determining how many students will be awarded scholarships?

The Cartersville Schools Foundation’s Finance Committee will determine the number of scholarships awarded based on funding.


What role will GateKey donors play in selecting eligible students?

Donors will review a profile of the students selected consistent with the GateKey/Parent/Guardian contract.


If a student nominated for the program moves out of the Cartersville City Schools, will their nomination follow them?



If a GateKey Scholar moves out of the Cartersville City Schools, will they keep their scholarship?

No. GateKey is a program of the Cartersville City School System.


If I qualify for the Hope Scholarship, can I use the GateKey funds for other school expenses?

A Hope Scholarship recipient may use the GateKey funds for legitimate college-billed expenses. GateKey funds fill the gap of college costs after Pell, Hope/Zell; they do not pass through as unneeded college funds.


How much money will be awarded to scholarship recipients for books and/or tools?

Currently, the GateKey Scholarship program has up to $7,500 available to each recipient which is dispersed as needed to the college they are attending.

Click below to access GateKey Scholarship Application  (Grades 9-12)

REACH Georgia Scholarship Program

The overarching goal of REACH Georgia is to provide greater college access for students throughout Georgia and prepare them for the 21st Century Workplace. REACH wants to influence the postsecondary success, and ultimately life outcomes, of low-income students across Georgia.

​In a two-year pilot, REACH Georgia added five school systems – Rabun, Douglas, Dodge, Quitman, and Bulloch Counties – committed 35 students as REACH Scholars and invested $350,000 to student scholarships. Today, REACH serves all 180 school systems across Georgia and more than 4,000 Scholars, committing over $40 million in scholarships.

REACH Georgia is administered by the Georgia Student Finance Authority (GSFA), a companion student finance entity of the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC). GSFC is the state agency that administers the HOPE Scholarship and Grant Program as well as other state- and lottery-funded financial aid programs. GSFC also manages the career and college preparation website,, and provides educational services such as free financial aid consultation and FAFSA completion assistance to high schools and postsecondary institutions across the state.

For more information on the REACH Georgia Scholarship program, click here:

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